Ice Storm ’09 cleanup underway

Last week the City agreed to use DRC Emergency Services LLC to pick up all those piles of sticks in our front yards left from Ice Storm ’09.

This week the cleanup has begun and there’s a Debris Progress Map being updated on the City’s Ice Storm Clean Up Information page at

The map features a color key indicating which streets have been cleaned and those areas which are coming up next. The key is as follows:

Green: Your street will be cleaned soonish
Yellow: Your street should be cleaned in the next 24 hours (tomorrowish)
Red: Already been cleaned, yo. Or doneish. You choose.

Keep in mind that the crews will be coming to your area a total of 3 times so if you haven’t gotten your debris out to the road and they’ve already come through, don’t freak out.

Do, however, make sure that your sticks-n-stuff aren’t piled around shrubbery, underneath trees that would keep those huge trucks from being able to get to them, near mail boxes, or over gas and water meters. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your sticks not getting picked up. In other words, you’re gonna have a lot of firewood next year.