University of Arkansas unveils new logo

This morning, as with most mornings, I unconsciously woke up and checked my e-mail on my phone. Usually, I’ll read everything, fall asleep, and promptly forget all the Nigerian requests for money.

However, today I got a dirty sneak peak at the new UA logo. What can I say? Old Main is part of the fuzz.

The new mark was unveiled on March 3 and will be adopted on July 1, 2009. According to the argument press release, the current logo was developed in the 1980s.

University relations was commissioned to design the logo. It took nine months.

I’m not sure why university relations would opt to include the Rothrock shield. It’s a rather terrifying red, suggesting blood and violence. Note how it covers Old Main.

Or maybe red means passion. The University of Arkansas: secured, passionate learning since 1871.

“The horizontal line treatment of the old logo, which worked in some print applications, was problematic with some electronic media. Our logo had ceased to be functional and no longer represented us as the nationally competitive flagship university we’ve become,” said Tysen Kendig, associate vice chancellor for university relations.

However, according to, the university had already changed its logo last year. The logo was filled in and dropped the IBM or “fax machine” imagery.

The type puts more emphasis on “Arkansas,” which I’m all for. However, emphasizing the state and using Trajan Pro is what Kansas did.

Chancellor G. David Gearhart asked university relations to handle the design. Gearhart said estimates from outside firms ran as high as $200,000. Am I the only one that knows how to shop around? What was the low end? Was anyone in Fayetteville asked to design the logo?

I think, in the end, university relations knew they produced an ugly logo.

“How a logo looks, whether people like or don’t like it, is only part of the equation,” said Roy Cordell, director of visual and creative services for university relations.

I’m just a kid, what do I know? What do you think about the new logo?