To-Do Thursday: 3/5/09

You know, there’s a section of College Avenue that’s not doing so well these days. It’s a stretch of three businesses that didn’t make it and there’s soon to be a fourth. Sonic, Korean BBQ and EZ Mart are all gone and boarded up. The Bank of America next door in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center will be gone in two weeks. Sad stuff.

Across the street, however, is Cheers, home of the famous “Awesome Burgers” sign that once proudly hung facing Sycamore.

Have you ever been in any of that building’s previous establishments? Better yet, anyone want to try and name them all? Good luck. Don’t forget you-know-what.

Tonight at Cheers is Indiana & The Byrds. It’s their last show with their current drummer. Anybody got the scoop on that?

At George’s is Casey Donahew and Emory Quinn, both of Texas. Opening the set is Elise Davis from Little Rock.

Over at the Smoke & Barrel is the Thursday night Opal Fly Extravaganza. Tonight, Opal is joined by Tiffany Christopher.

Froggy’s has Fayetteville’s Ben Rector. Did you know that Ben Rector Has a Blog?

Tonight at the Walton Arts Center is LA Theatre Works’ War of the Worlds and The Lost World. There’s a half price special going on for tickets to this circulating through Twitter today. Just enter LATWtweet after you’ve signed in to order tickets and the half off deal’s good to go.

Pesto Cafe has Kevin Bennoch tonight. Speakeasy rocks DJ Peaches on Thursdays and as always, there’s a drag show at Tangerine.

What else you got?