Good reads: Some of our favorite local blogs

We know a lot of you spend a lot of time on the interwebs, and if you’re anything like us here at the Flyer, you’re always looking for new ways to stay up on the haps in Fayetteville or just ways to kill a few minutes between projects at work.

We do our best to cover some of the awesome that Fayetteville has to offer, but Fayetteville has a lot more awesome than we could ever keep up with, and there are a ton of other good local blogs that cover some of the things that we don’t.

We thought we’d share some of the local blogs that we eagerly refresh our RSS readers for, and we’d encourage you guys to let us know what some of your favorite local internet spots are in the comments.

New Blogs
Fayettevittles. Fayettevittles popped up in January, and it’s been making us hungry ever since. Restaurant reviews, local profiles, top chef updates, and basically all things food related can be found on one of our new favorite interweb stops.

Fayettevillage Voice: No one can replace the Iconoclast in our hearts, but with a similar Blogger theme, some astute coverage of local politics and culture, and of course, letting our local leaders have it every once in a while, the Jonah’s spirit lives on in the Fayettevillage voice. It’s also pretty new, so check it out if you haven’t.

Tuned In: Kevin Kinder is a features reporter for the NWA Times, and he also runs their Tuned in blog. There you’ll find concert reviews, live music previews and updates, year end lists and record reviews. Nawt bawd.

Ants in My Trance: DJ Luminfire raps (sorry) about rap and dance pop in the Natural State. Plenty of streaming MP3’s and videos as well. Awesome.

Life+Kids: There aren’t any rugrats running around the Flyer office these days (unless you count Todd’s dog) but for those of you that do have kids, Life+Kids is the site for you. Tons of resources for things to do for families in Northwest Arkansas, a handy list of the places around town that kids eat free, and recently, a summer camp guide with information on all the mini camps, day camps, summer day care, and more.

nwaMotherlode: Another great resource for parents in NWA, nwaMotherlode offers up parenting advice, recipes, and some really well written essays. Again, we don’t have any kids, but if you do, you should check out this site.

Sufferin’ Succotash: Alannah Massey’s musings on “media, meals, and minutiae” always makes for a good read. We are especially a fan of her food writing. Alannah also visits the Flyer from time to time. Hi.

Aubrey Sheppard: Aubrey Sheppard has about 1,000 local blogs, but each one has a purpose. This guy is everywhere, and writes about everything all the time. Find them all in his blogroll.

Street Jazz Richard Drake’s Arkansas Times blog about all things NWA. Like Aubrey, Richard is also everywhere. Local politics, culture, and commentary from Northwest Arkansas.

NWA Crime Report: Fayetteville Expat highlights the more ridiculous “crime” found in the newspaper crime reports.

Block Street & Building: Social justice, Environmental justice, music, art, design, and awesome.

Tom Hapgood :Though he doesn’t update frequently, the UA visual art/Web professor showcases student work, which is always inspiring.

Matthew Petty: How awesome is it that a city alderman blogs. Matthew has some seriously awesome ideas with technology, energy, and polotics. It’s like finding the mayor on Facebook chat, which I often do. Petty’s shared items are great.

D Gold: I’m definitely in love with this man. He’s all about town doing really cool things. He’s got the radio show right before me on KXUA 88.3. He blogs. He posts a lot of interviews and shows from the station and some are pure magic.

So, what else are you guys reading?