Flyer Profile: The Smithstonians

If you are paying attention to the music scene in Fayetteville lately, you might notice there’s a little bit of a twang creeping it’s way into it lately.

Cletus Got Shot, 3 Penny Acre, Shout Lulu, and others are part of a kind of Folk/Americana/Bluegrass revival in Fayetteville, and we couldn’t be happier about that fact.

What you get with that kind of thing is a focus on songwriting, and all of a sudden there are a wealth of really good songs being written here in Fayetteville, and a growing music scene that is really coming into its own lately.

Several examples of those really good songs being written in town lately are penned by Morgan Smith of the Smithstonians. These guys have only been playing with their current lineup since October, but they’ve already made a big impact. The band started a few years back and were called Truefolk before adding drummer Damon Singleton, and pedal steel player Jesse Bates, and changing the name to the Smithstonians a few months ago.

Sunday night they were at George’s with Little Rock’s the Damn Bullets, and we saw them recently with Chris Denny and we came away extremely impressed.

We got in touch with the band, and Morgan and Logan were nice enough to sit down with us for an interview.

The Smithstonians from Fville Flyer on Vimeo

The Smithstonians are:

Morgan Smith: Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica, Guitar

Logan LeMaster Bass, Backing Vocals

Jesse Bates: Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals

Damon Singleton: Drums, Percussion

For more on the Smithstonians, visit their myspace page.

Click below to hear “Chicago” by the Smithstonians