To-Do Tuesday: 3/10/09

Did anyone make it out to the mall on Saturday afternoon? If so, you might’ve been pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of girls in bikinis. In the mall. In person. Bikinis.

You gotta love International Women’s Day weekend, right?. Right?

Fortunately(?), we were tipped off and had our cameras. We’ll have more on this later today. For now, let’s try and get our minds off that and focus on something a little more wholesome.

Like live music in a bar.

Tonight at George’s is The Delta Fiasco (Liverpool) and Virgin Tears (San Diego) in the Electro Lounge. These Tuesday night shows are usually no cover so if you’re in the mood for some electro-super-sonic-nu-rave-discoish-European live music, checkitout.

If hip-hop’s more up your alley, Smoke & Barrel has Arkansas’-own Epiphany.

What else?