To-Do Wednesday: 3/11/09

Does anyone remember the 1988 Film Twins starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito? If so, did you know that Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd were also considered for the roles? In fact, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Schwarzenegger and DeVito were given the option of doing this movie or Suburban Commando. In other words, if they’d chosen Suburban Commando, the paired roles would’ve been reversed. Thinkaboutit.

A couple of local twins, the Sloan brothers (of Memphis Pencils), are headlining a new bi-weekly Wednesday night event at Smoke & Barrel called “Twednesday.” It’ll feature the brothers Sloan playing musical instruments with special guests. Tonight’s guests are Kneel and We Can’t Ride Bikes. “What the heck am I talking about?”, you might ask? Ask me again tomorrow.

At George’s tonight is the Nightflying Anniversary Party featuring A Good Fight, Earl & Them, RJ Mischo, Gary Huthison & John Magness, Lauren DiMiranda, The Crumbs, Kory Montgomery, BluJa LaFuso, Apt 5, Tiffany Christopher Band, Oreo Blue, and MC Andrew “Droid” Clark.

Wednesday nights at Ella’s, as always is Jazz on the Hill. Tonight features the Matt Smith Trio.