Fayetteville High basketball teams still undefeated

Fayetteville is by far the most awesome town in Northwest Arkansas (duh), and now even our sports teams are kicking the crap out of the rest of the state.

Both the Fayetteville boys’ and girls’ basketball teams are undefeated, and both are playing for the 7A state championship on Saturday.

That’s right. Both teams. Un. De. Feated. As in, a combined 60-0, and ranked 20th(boys) and 8th(girls) in the nation.

The state championship games will take place in Hot Springs, and the girls will play at 2:30 pm, and the boys’ game will follow at 4:15 pm. The boys team takes on the Rogers Mounties (boo), and the girls will take on North Little Rock (gross).

The school district is asking Fayetteville residents to wear purple in support of it’s basketball teams on Friday. Even if you hate sports, you have to admit, Fayetteville Rules. Right?

[Via FHS Community Blog]