To-Do Thursday: 3/12/09

Back in the day, I used to have a thing for robots. I collected them, drew pictures of them and talked about them a lot. Looking back, I don’t really know what was up with that. I don’t have anything against them these days but they’re just not as intriguing as they used to be. Maybe that’s because I’m not a kid anymore, or maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen a really great robot in a long time.

That all changed this morning because when looking into this band that’s playing at George’s tonight called Where’s Lawrence?, I discovered a YouTube video of them playing a show and at about 40 seconds in, there’s a dancing robot that appears in the crowd (see video below). All of a sudden I love robots again. Thanks!

What else is going on tonight? Let’s see here…

Martin from Memphis Pencils is playing a solo set at Cheers on College. Has anyone been to one of these shows at Cheers? Couple some good music with one of their self-proclaimed “Awesome Burgers” and it sounds like a good evening to me.

If restaurants and live music are your thang, Bordino’s has the Claudia Burson Trio and Pesto Cafe has Kevin Bennoch. Get some food. Get some tunes. Get a birthday (if today is your birthday).

As always on Thursday nights, Opal Fly is at Smoke & Barrel Tavern. Tonight, she’s joined by Steve Jones.

Arsaga’s on Gregg is having an art reception at 6pm for local photographer, Esyule Gamache.

Other Thursday night regulars are DJ Peaches at Speakeasy and the drag show at Tangerine.

Of course, for anyone still holding their breath for the Razorback Basketball team, they play Florida tonight in the SEC Tournament. It’s on Raycom TV, FYI.