To-Do Tuesday: 3/17/09

Are you wearing green today? If not, are you getting pinched? Side note: How many of you pronounce the word “pinch” like this: “peench”? Weirdos.

Growing up, I got lucky on St. Paddy’s Day because if I forgot to wear green, I could always fall back on the fact that I have green eyes. Is that cheating? Maybe. But it’s not as bad as the “I have green underwear on” cop out.

There’s plenty to do tonight.

First off, Club Froggy’s is having a giant show with 5 (maybe 6) bands including The Heat Machine, The Bling Grenades, Friday Maybe Saturday, The Inner Party, F*ck Y’all and (maybe) Zoroaster.

At George’s is Nate Hancock and The Declaration, KMB, Eoff Bros and Joey Williams.

Would you rather hang on Block Street? Maxine’s Tap Room has Irish banjo player, Clarke Buehling along with $4 pitchers.

There’s some kind of pub crawl at Zooloo’s at 6pm but we don’t have any details. Anyone want to step up? Someone from Zooloo’s, maybe?

In midtown, The Gypsy on College has Standing For Something, The Great Scotts and Indiana & The Byrds.

DDP Gallery has a Megan Chapman show right now that is pretty incredible. This one ends on the 21st, so check it out, yo.

Of course, you could always chillax with some sports. Sports are nice. The sporty Razorback baseball team plays Nebraska at 6:35pm. Sports!