Get un-Lost-ed

If you’re one of the many people who started watching Lost then gave up on it sometime around the third or fourth season, there’s a website out there that may convince you to give it another chance. The uber-geek created has convinced me that there may actually be a plausible explanation that will untangle the plot knot the series has currently tied itself up in.

Plausible in the sense that alternate planes of time can exist through time travel, of course.

Essentially this guy from Virginia, Jason Hunter, has created a theory that somewhat answers the questions that have baffled most of the free world about Lost. At least the part of the free world that didn’t get frustrated and quit watching Lost. That wouldn’t be too spectacular in and of itself. What is impressive is the fact that he created the site in 2007 and the series seems to be following his predictions.

If you’re currently watching the series and don’t want me to give any surprises away, I should say POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! I should also warn others that this all could POTENTIALLY BE BS. So, there, you’ve been warned.

The gist of the theory is this: remember when John Locke, and Desmond before him, and that guy who played the warden in Shawshank Redemption before him were punching in that code every 108 minutes? Well the theory revolves around the fact that they were “looping” time every 108 minutes. So people on the island just kept living within the same 108 minutes in 1996 over and over again. Within the confines of the plot of Lost, this allows them to carry on like normal. They just never get old; however, they do have trouble making babies.

Everything was fine until Desmond freaked out and didn’t push the button on time, then the Oceanic plane in 2004 got sucked in to their little time looping island and hilarity/drama ensues.

Sure this poses a lot of other questions, but most of them are answered in depth and with some credibility on the website. They’re far too long to get into here. The answers are so believable, in fact, it almost makes you doubt this is the creation of some lone fanboy with too much time on his hands. Maybe the producers of Lost leaked plot information to this Jason Hunter, if there really is a Jason Hunter. They may have created this website themselves under false pretenses because they didn’t want to come out and say, “See! We’re actually going someplace with this! Don’t quit watching, please!”

Hard to tell, but someone has put a lot of thought into this. If you have any interest in seeing Lost through to the end, I suggest checking out the site and clicking on “Timeline (Main Theory)” to get started. Then prepare to have you mind blown. It took me awhile to wrap my head around it at first, but the guy has put a visual timeline together as an aid. That helped.

Since I read about the theory, I’ve been looking forward to every new episode of Lost. I no longer worry if I’m wasting my time with a show that has no end. Now, I’m confident I’m wasting my time with a show that may actually be going somewhere.