To-Do Wednesday: 3/18/09

Let’s just cut to the chase here. The. Weather. Rules.

When the weather is really nice and you’re stuck inside some crappy office, your best bet in getting some fresh air if only for a minute or two is to implement what I like to call the “Aw man…hang on” maneuver.

It goes like this: While still seated at your desk, say “Aw man” out loud and then stand up looking kinda confused. When people look over at you, say “Hang on” and rush out the door. Once outside, walk quickly to your car enjoying the fresh air and once you get there, open the door and dig around for a minute like you forgot your cell phone or some important document. Then slowly walk back inside with your cell phone to your ear or reading the important document you “forgot” while enjoying more fresh air. If anyone looked out the window, they’d immediately think, “Oh they must’ve forgotten something in their car” and if they ask when you get back just say, “Oh I forgot something in my car.” This usually works like a charm but don’t blame me if you get busted.

If “Aw man…hang on” isn’t enough, you could always pretend to be sick after lunch and then head over to Baum Stadium where the Razorbacks are playing Nebraska at 3:05pm today.

What else is going on?

George’s has Framing Hanley and Tub Ring.

Over at Smoke & Barrel, you can check out Jeff Kearney’s The Skinny Squinty Show.

Prefer some dancing-n-DJs? Club Fix (inside Willy D’s) has DJ Robe Flax, EQ & Shortfuze.

As always on Wednesday nights, Ella’s has Jazz on the Hill and tonight features the Nathan McLeod Trio.

Finally, Arsaga’s on Crossover is hosting a singer/songwriter circle at 7pm if you want to jam out with some folks acoustic-style.