Beer price hike?

Arkansas Flyers, have you ever wondered what is really going on during our State Legislature? Have you thought about calling your Senator when you disagreed or even agreed with an upcoming bill? Well, I have such a Bill that warrants some attention. It is called House Bill 1807 and will be before a Senate committee on Tuesday, March 24.

This bill is government attempting to dictate prices that a private company can charge. Ironically, if the bill becomes law, its impact will be to actually increase the price of beer for consumers. Should this bill become law, consider this: In states that have passed similar “price posting” requirements as those in HB 1807, when challenged in court, the law has always been found unconstitutional. Why would the government want to raise the price of something like beer in these tough economic times, especially when such a law will likely cause the state to go to court, costing taxpayers an unnecessary lawsuit?

What you can do: Call the Senate switchboard at 501-682-2902 and tell your Senator you want them to vote AGAINST HB 1807. The more calls received showing the voters concerns, the better! The call takes 5 seconds; you give them your name, phone number, your home town and your senator. Please take a few seconds out of your day today or Monday and use your voice against this bill.

Here is a link to the Arkansas Senators! Find yours and call 501-682-2902.

Rynne Roark