Fayetteville Forward: FAQs

What is Fayetteville Forward?
It’s a two-part economic development summit designed to involve citizens of Fayetteville in the process of creating a plan for the future of our community.

What does that mean?
It means that anyone who’s interested in voicing their opinion on Fayetteville’s economic future needs to register and participate.

Who can participate?
Anyone. As in, well, anyone. You!

What does “participate” mean?
With the help of a facilitator, everyone will basically be brainstorming to come up with what we all believe are Fayetteville’s strengths and what we think the ideal future looks like for our city. Then we’ll talk about how to leverage those strengths in ways that will help our vision become a reality.

What’ll we leave with?
The idea is to walk away from the summit with a clear understanding of the direction in which we all want to see Fayetteville headed and an actual set of initiatives and action items that will help us get there.

When is it?
It’s actually a two-day event. Session 1 is on a weekday but there are multiple date/time options. Session 2 is on a Saturday.

OK, when is Session 1?
The first session, “Discover and Dream,” is being offered on three different dates/times in order for you to choose the one that works best for your schedule. You only need to choose one of the following:

Tuesday March 31, 20096pm – 9pmTown Center
Thursday April 2, 20096pm – 9pmTown Center
Friday April 3, 20099am – NoonUA Global Campus

When is Session 2?
The second session, “Design and Deploy,” is on Saturday, April 4, 2009 at the UA Global Campus (formerly UA Continuing Education Building).

How do you register?
Just head over to the Fayetteville Forward registration page or call Julie McQuade at 479-575-8253.

Where can I get even more details?
We interviewed Fayetteville Chief of Staff Don Marr on the details of the summit and you can find his answers to our questions right here. Of course, you could always check out the official Fayetteville Forward website.