To-Do Tuesday: 3/24/09

We had a contest end Sunday night for tickets to see Nebbia but the winner wasn’t able to attend so we sent the runner-up an e-mail. We still haven’t heard back from them but we gave ’em until noon to respond. After that, the tickets to tomorrow night’s performance will go to the third place finisher. Hopefully we can get these free tickets in someone’s hands.

Speaking of Nebbia, tonight is opening night at 7pm in the Walton Arts Center. I’m going. If it rules, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. If it’s weird, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. If I hate it, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

UPDATE: Shout LuLu is NOT playing tonight. It’s tomorrow.

In Midtown, the Gypsy on College has Wake, Cover Of Darkness and Black Suit Karma.

Want something more relaxing? The Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall has a Bethany Brownell Voice Recital at 7:30pm and it’s free.

What else ya got?