To-Do Thursday: 3/26/09

The weekend is moving in and according to our local weather centers, there’s a chance that some snow is, too. Apparently it’s supposed to drop into the upper twenties on Saturday and then we might see some flurries. I’ve lived here for long enough to know that this isn’t all that uncommon, but I’m still giving this a giant Double You Tee Eff?

Has anyone been to Smiling Jack’s to see music yet? I haven’t gotten the chance and am curious to know how that’s been going over. Anyone? If I wasn’t going to be watching basketball tonight, I’d probably stop by and see Arla Blaisus Arlo Blaisus this evening.

Is it possible to check out every single to-do in one night? If cover charges weren’t an issue, I’d sure try. If I could do it tonight, here’d be my plan:

After Smiling Jack’s I’d probably go next door to see Nebbia at the Walton Arts Center but that wouldn’t work out so well because the entire performance is a must-see in my opinion so I’d probably just end up staying for the whole thing and missing a lot of other stuff.

If Nebbia weren’t on my list, I’d sprint up to campus to the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall at the Fine Arts Center to see some of the AR Tuba Quartet.

Then I’d book it (remember that saying?) back to Dickson Street and stop in at George’s because that’s the first place you’d hit after campus. I’d check out a song or two by either the Eli Young Band or Josh Abbott, probably have a beer and then run across the parking lot to Speakeasy and listen to DJ Peaches for a bit.

Next, I’d run in and see Opal Fly and friends at Smoke & Barrel before getting in my car and driving to Midtown.

I suppose I’d start at Pesto Cafe where Kevin Bennoch plays on Thursday nights, maybe have a glass of wine so it didn’t look weird just standing there and then it’d be down the street to the Gypsy on College where Maud Crawford would be wailing some sweet solos.

Finally I’d end up on Block Street in the basement of Tangerine for their weekly drag show. Maybe.

Did I miss anything tonight?