Local news: Monday 3/30

Twitter is (still) all the rage
For yet another explanation of what Twitter is and then some info about who’s using it locally/regionally (hint: Matthew Petty’s in there), check out “Elected officials experiment with Twitter” (NWA Times)“.

Fayetteville Forward is almost here
Skip Descant talks to Don Marr and Steve Clark about the city’s economic development summit which begins tomorrow in “Fayetteville Focuses On Economic Summit” (The Morning News).

Legalizing the weed?
With over half of those Arkansans surveyed in support of less strict marijuana laws, is there really any chance it’ll be decriminalized? See “Party promotes loosening marijuana controls” (NWA Times) for more.

Is your office green?
If so, then prove it. To find out how, read “Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Seeks Greenest Office Nominations” (Arkansas Business).

Clinton House Museum is historic
In “All we can” (NWA Times), the editors discuss the historicness of the house on California Blvd. where Bill and Hillary were married. I agree that it is historic, but I’m a little biased. You see, I got married there, too.

[Photo by Eisenvater via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0]