To-do tonight: Monday 3/30

After a six hour taco search on Saturday which included 10 tacos, 10 local restaurants, 6 beers and a belly/headache like no other I’ve ever experienced, my plans for heading out to Cheers that night took a back seat to my couch.

It was a small sacrifice, however, since I now know more about the Fayetteville taco scene than I ever imagined I would. Such knowledge, at least for me, is worth more than I could possibly put into words. Put simply, Saturday was one of the best days of my life.

Tonight is gonna be a pretty sweet night at the Gypsy on College. Midtown is hosting a full-on “rockabilly” explosion. I put that word in quotes, though, because it’s more of a literal explanation than it is a genre label. There’s gonna be rock and there’s gonna be hillbilly, but I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s gonna be any rockabilly music. That’s a good thing, though, as I’m not a big fan of rockabilly music.

This show should be pretty awesome, if only for the fact that one of Fayetteville’s newest (and best named) bands is on the bill. The Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band is playing with Hillbilly Hellcats (Colorado) and The Karltens (Joplin, MO). I don’t know if the Ozark Mountain Nightmare band is giving a nod to the best puppet band ever or not, but either way, I love the name.

If you’re not into rock or billy, then head over to the Walton Arts Center for the National Symphony Orchestra. It’s guaranteed to be completely nightmare-free.

Or you could check out Candy Lee for “Marley Mondays” at Smiling Jack’s.

Finally, if you’d like to be in Midtown but aren’t quite in the mood for loud rock, Darren Ray plays at Pesto Cafe on Mondays.

It’s lunch time. Who wants a taco?