Local news: Tuesday 3/31

Highway 16 is getting fatter
Tonight’s your chance to see first-hand what Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department officials have planned for the widening of the stretch of road between S. College and Stonebridge Rd. See “Public meeting tonight for Arkansas 16 widening” (NWA Times) for more. Then check out what Aubrey Shepherd has to say about the potential threat this widening will be for a major NWA watershed.

Highway 71 is scooting over
What do you do when a highway gets re-routed to within a few hundred yards of your house? Check out “Homeowner Undecided On Airport’s Highway Shift” (Morning News) by Skip Descant for more or “Airport project will relocate portion of U.S. 71B highway” (NWA Times) by Robin Mero.

Fayetteville Tea Party
National TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Day is April 15. “‘Tea Party’ Protest Set In Fayetteville” (Morning News) has more and so does The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s brand new Northwest opinion editor, Mike Masterson.