To-do tonight: Thursday 4/2

Is today weird for anyone else? It’s a weird day here at the Flyer. We’re having trouble seeing our computer monitors and Dustin just left for the morning because he thinks he’s getting a migraine. I’ve seen a few Tweets suggesting a lack of concentration and a few headaches around town. Weird.

There’s a lot going on tonight, hopefully sans weirdness. The Smoke & Barrel Tavern is hosting Opal Fly & Friends. As owner Evan McDonald put it in his weekly show announcement, “If you haven’t been yet to see the hot jazz, hot fire, and cold machete juggling…
well, where have you been?”

George’s is listed as having a “Tibet Benefit” with Tiffany Christopher. Anybody got the details on this one?

Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods is inviting folks out tonight to hear Rachel Fields and across the street at the Walton Arts Center, the 2009 Humanitarian Awards and Cultural Celebration is from 6-9pm.

The Gypsy on College isn’t messing around this evening. SpineShank, Straightline Stitch, and Crooked X are all in town.

If you’d rather not rock out, the Fayetteville High School theater is presenting Bye Bye Birdie tonight at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for adults. Speaking of students, The Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall has Cassandra Bruce‘s Voice Recital tonight.

As always on Thursday nights, Pesto Cafe has Kevin Bennoch, Speakeasy has DJ Peaches and Tangerine has it’s usual drag show.

Anything else going on?