To-do tonight: Monday 4/6

If you have any plants popping out of the ground, the word on the street is that you’d better cover them up this evening. It’s supposed to be kinda cold, I hear. As in, like, LATE TEENS cold.

Man, this weather is as nawesome as it gets.

There are a few live music options for this evening but the highlight of the night is easily the appearance of George H.W. Bush on the UA campus. That’s right, former President is in Fayetteville and will be speaking at 8pm tonight in Barnhill Arena. The event is free and open to students and the public and at this time, there’s no word on whether or not his son will be with him. You remember his son, right?

[Update: It wouldn’t be a proper Bush appearance if there weren’t some sort of protest to coincide, now would it? There’s a Facebook event making its way around this afternoon calling for locals to show disapproval of the University paying President Bush to lecture tonight at Barnhill Arena in a peaceful protest against “the Mass Murder of 350-500,000 Iraqi children with brutal sanctions, among other atrocities.” UA Alum Abel Tomlinson sent us the invite.]

Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods has Candy Lee / ‘Marley Mondays’ tonight. We still don’t know what ‘Marley Mondays’ means. Can somebody help us out?

Speaking of food and music, the Pesto Cafe has Darren Ray. Get some food. Get some tunes.

Down the street at the Gypsy on College, a couple of metal bands are scheduled to blast the walls down: Skeletonwitch (Athens, Ohio) and locals Sinking South.

If you’re going to see GHW and you get to campus early enough, the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall has a Robert Kain & Adam Vanderbush trumpet recital at 6pm. You like trumpets, dontcha?

Anything else going on tonight? You know, besides crappy weather?