To-do tonight: Wednesday 4/8

This morning was rough, you guys. I don’t know if you witnessed it or not but for about a half hour, we had zero posts here on the Flyer. As in, zilch. I nearly barfed. It was awesome.

Through the magic of something called “magic,” though, all 970 stories reappeared … magically.

Tonight, there are about 4 million things going on across the world. Below are 9 of them.

The Smoke & Barrel Tavern has the newish Wednesday night event “Twednesday” featuring The Sloan Brothers with Wyndham Wyeth. Did you know that the Smoke & Barrel’s events are now listed on their Local540 page? Neato.

Down Dickson at George’s you can catch the KKEG Battle of the Bands from 6-9pm. Who’s battling? These guys: Apartment 5, Goose, Christmas Fuller Project, and Joel Schisler. Later in the evening, The Steps and Apartment 5 will be in the lounge at 10pm.

Holy smokes. Little Rock’s 607 is at Club FIX (basement of Willy D’s) tonight with Luminfire, EQ, and Shortfuze. Awesome? Yupsome.

Ella’s has Jazz on the Hill on Wednesday nights. Go get some jazz. Get it!

This is the perfect weather for some outdoor music. Hopefully tonight’s music at Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods featuring East of Zion will be on the deck. Whosgotthescoop?

The Greenhouse Grill has an all-star lineup tonight with the newly formed band The Sticker Freaks featuring Emily Kaitz, Richard Hartrick and Effron White. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Those three sure are sticker freaks.

It’s a big night at Teatro Scarpino. The Vagina Monologues is here and it’s a benefit for the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Women of Congo. More here.

If you wanna see Arizona St. try and return the favor of a butt-whoopin that Arkansas gave them last night, feel free to do so. The weather rules. Baseball at 6:35pm. Baum Stadium. Be there.

Finally, the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall has a Brian Stackhouse percussion recital at 8:00 p.m.