Art Amiss seeks photos from past shows

If you’ve ever shown art in Art Amiss and you have photos of the work that you’ve shown, Art Amiss wants your photos. For a coloring book. Yes.

In possibly the most awesome merchandising idea ever, Amy Brown, (a Flyer contributor, and the Director of Merchandise for Art Amiss) is working to create a retrospective coloring book of art shown in past Art Amiss shows. Just send the image of the piece you’d like to include to [email protected], and tell that jerk that criticized your color choices that you’d like to see him do better. (Jerk)

Amy is hoping to get the coloring book put together in time to sell them at Art Amiss X on May 14th. You can also check out some other Art Amiss Merchandise on their Etsy Page.

Also, Art Amiss is still seeking entries for the show on the 14th. The deadline is fast approaching (April 15th) so quit messing around and get your art in. Pronto.

For more information, including submission guidelines and applications, visit the Art Amiss website.