Local news: Tuesday 4/14

Have you done your taxes yet? If not, you’d better get on the ball because tomorrow’s the deadline. If you can’t do them yourself, you’d better call someone on this list pretty quickly.

Or you could file for an extension. It’s up to you.

Tax time is a rough time
Speaking of taxes, there’s a story today about delinquent business taxes that’s interesting in a scary kinda way: “Overdue taxes: List of businesses with delinquent city taxes growing” (NWA Times)

Doggies and day care
Doggie day care businesses should be easier to get started. Skip’s got the scoop: “Doggie Day Care Passes Planning Commission” (Morning News)

Tyson denies any wrongdoing
A couple of dudes are suing Don Tyson. Something about his girlfriend and an original lawsuit. Oh, it’s too confusing. Look for yourself if you wanna: “Investors claim Tyson, girlfriend conspired to take over companies” (NWA Times)

More Barber troubles
A foreclosure decree by Enterprise Bank, a foreclosure lawsuit by First State Bank of Northwest Arkansas and a filed a judgment by a Las Vegas casino. Youch: “Barber’s Dream Team faces foreclosure decree” (NWA Times)

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Round 1: NWA Times editors call Arkansas Times’ decision “dimwitted
Round 2: Arkansas Times blogs about it and Twitters, too.
Round 3: NWA Times editor Tweets back
What’ve we learned? Some people really like guns. Like, a lot.

Speaking of Twitter
Here’s two more Twitter columns for you. Anybody keeping a count on these?
1. “Tweet! I’m not so boring” (ADG)
2. “Getting Twitter, And Not” (Morning News)