We’re tinkering around under the hood today

Bear with us today as we move some things around here on the Flyer. We’re adding a couple of new features and we need a place to put them.

Additionally, we’re creating some in-house ad space so we can run ads for our own stuff.

For a full list of what we’re up to this evening, keep on readin’.

News and Arts & Entertainment
For starters, we’re moving the “Arts & Entertainment” section up and to the right. That’ll give us room to add a fifth featured post to both that section and “News” on the homepage.

Brief Notes
Under those sections, we’ve added a “Brief Notes” area for things that aren’t quite ready for the “News” section but warrant a little more than a Twitter update. We’re not quite sure how many of those we’ll leave on the homepage.

Sponsor Announcements
To the right of “Brief Notes” will be “Sponsor Announcements” which are basically messages from our sponsors in that they’re designed to advertise local specials, deals, events, etc. We’ll try to make the headlines as obvious as possible so you can decide if you want to click them or not. The headlines themselves, however, won’t link to an external site, but rather to a brief announcement here on the Flyer.

There really isn’t much that has changed here.

Couple of ad slots for us
Under the “Sponsor Announcements” section will be a flexible space for posting ads that are for events we’re sponsoring around town or to remind our readers about contests we’re running here on the Flyer.

We’ve broken the “Opinion” section into two parts. One is for the regular perspective pieces we post regularly and the other is for the newish “Fayetteville Speaks” section which is similar to a “Letters to the Editor” column.

We don’t cover a lot of sports here, especially this time of year (anyone wanna contribute?) so this section has kinda been downsized…for now.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think and if you’re having any trouble finding anything. If things look totally weird (which they shouldn’t), there’s a chance you’ll need to refresh your browser a time or two for our CSS additions to take hold.