E-Z Mart on MLK begins selling beer today

A few weeks ago, we told you that E-Z Mart in Fayetteville had secured a permit to begin selling retail beer at their location at 2012 Martin Luther King Boulevard (formerly 6th Street) and Razorback Road. Starting at 7:00 am this morning, the shelves were stocked, and beer sales at a convenience store in Fayetteville became a reality.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to be the first convenience store in Fayetteville to sell beer.” said Bubba Kirkland, VP of Merchandising for the Texarkana based convenient store chain. “(The MLK store) has been a good store for us in the past, and we’re hoping (the beer permit) will make the store even better.”

The store wasn’t initially designed for beer sales, and Kirkland says some store remodeling and renovations are in the works, including an additional walk in cooler “to make it easier on the consumer.”

Kirkland said the store did not apply to sell retail wine at the store.

Those that opposed the beer permit for the store expressed concern about underage persons and students obtaining alcohol at the store, but Kirkland said that the staff is properly trained, and that necessary ID scanning equipment is in place to ensure beer sales to minors does not happen. “Our staff has gone through extensive training, both from our in house training division, as well as with the ABC, and Fayetteville police. This is not something we’re taking lightly. We’ve done a lot of training over the past few weeks.”

E-Z Mart operates convenience stores in 5 different states in the US, and sells beer at locations in all 5 of those states. The MLK store became the first convenience store in Fayetteville to obtain a retail beer permit and begin selling beer in Fayetteville.

Flash Market at 233 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. also obtained the beer permit, but has not begun selling beer at their Fayetteville location.

UPDATE: This just in. We saw the signs and we saw the beer but if that wasn’t enough proof, we’ve received our first photo of E-Z Mart beer in action.

Take note, folks. This is most likely the very first photo of anyone enjoying an adult beverage from a gas station in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Thanks to readers Jenn and Emmy for sending this one in.