Art walk tonight on the Fayetteville Square

After what seemed like 6 months straight of rain in Fayetteville (it was at least 6 days), it’s 75 degrees and sunny today.

But as much as the weather is ruling it, if I hear another “whoa, what’s that bright orange orb in the sky?” joke today (or some variation of it), I’m gonna lose my marbles.

The good news is, the sun is out, the weather is awesome, and there are two great art events in town just across the street from one another on the Fayetteville square. In other words, it’s gonna be a great night for an Art Walk.

At ddp gallery, there will be a ton of local art on display for the opening night and artists reception for Now + Again. Alexander Abajian, Michael Anderson, Jason Clinton Barnes, Shane Richey, Sage Billing, Ben Buonaiuto, Megan Chapman, Michael Davis Gutierrez, Don House, Amjad Faur, Duane Gardner, Henrik Kam, Don Lee, Jon Lee, Douglas Legg, Eddie Love, Michele Maule, Toma Miller, Adam Posnak, Matt Richards, Rae Russel, Eugene Sargent, Sid Sargent, Modofly, Mark Traughber, Henry Turner, and Chris Weaver will all have work on display at ddp. Whoa.

The show will run from May 7th – May 24th 2009, but the reception for the artists is tonight from 5-8pm.

Just across the street, Fayetteville Underground will have the Grand Opening of the E Street Gallery of Fine Crafts. There will be a reception there as well (bonus), also from 5–8pm. Artisans will be on hand to meet and greet you.

E Street Gallery (ESG) was formed by local craft artisans as a coop, and the new space in the Fayetteville Underground will give these talented artists a space to showcase their work.

Also, The Art of War is still on display at the Fayetteville Underground as well, with work by Robert Andes, Robert Glick and Golsa Yaghoobi. If you haven’t seen the Art of War, tonight’s a good chance to do so. If not, you’ve got until May 22nd. Hurry up.