To-do: Tuesday 5/19

Sorry the to-do list is late. Dustin and I were invited to speak about social media at the Senior Democrats meeting today. I didn’t speak, though. I got off lucky. All I had to do was watch other people watching him. And hear them.

So what are you doing tonight? We’ll be watching the City Council meeting either in person or on TV. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. Good luck.

If you’re feeling Dickson Streety, you could swing by George’s for their no-cover Electro Lounge. From there, you could make your way up to Teatro Scarpino for jazz night with the McLeod/Burson Quartet.

Further up the street you’ll find The Traveling Wheelbearings at Jose’s and just across the way at Smiling Jack’s is Wally & Friends.

Not in the Dickson mood? Feeling rather Midtownish? Then The Gypsy is where you wanna be. Pretty Boy Convoy, Fade 2 Fall, and After The Scars are playing.

Wanna see all that again in a different format? No problem:

Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the square (7am-1pm)
George’s: Electro Lounge – No Cover
Gypsy on College: Pretty Boy Convoy, Fade 2 Fall, After The Scars
Jose’s: The Traveling Wheelbearings
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Wally & Friends
Teatro Scarpino: McLeod/Burston Quartet Jazz Jam