I want YOU for the KXUA Army

Here at KXUA, we’re all about experimentation. That’s what the X stands for. The U stands for you, the listener, and the A stands for how awesome we are.

That’s not true.

Anyway, the 2009/2010 school year is a countdown to something pretty exciting for us…our 10th birthday! And because of that, we’re gonna be bringing some pretty exciting changes in.

The first one you can get a sneak-peek of tonight, Tuesday May 26th, at 10:00 pm. It’s an as-of-yet unnamed show, where we just go around and interview awesome Fayetteville locals. I spent 5 hours on Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market, just gathering some interviews. The show doesn’t have a format yet (or even a name), so tonight is about as first-run as it gets.

I’ll be welcoming comments on what you think is awesome and awful about the show, either downstairs in the comment field, on-air in the booth (575-5883), or on the relevant post on the KXUA Blog.

Who am I? I’m Jon Cox (nom de disc Cox Populi), the Promotions Director for KXUA and the host of Over Mozart’s Dead Body, a show on weird classical music.

So make sure to tune in tonight (that’s 88.3 FM, folks) and hear your neighbors and mayor and then tell me what I did wrong. Thanks.