To-do: Wednesday 5/27

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. Free air! Just walk outside and take it in, Fayetteville. Free air all day on Wednesdays is just another reason why Fayetteville Rules. Are you guys with me? Eh? Eh?

And now you know why Dustin writes that column and not me.

I do, however, get to write up the daily to-do posts and although I have no idea if anyone ever uses them to help decide what to do, I stress more over getting this post up each day than John Locke did over entering that damn Dharma code.

Well, OK. Not that much. But still, I like to get this one up no matter what.

And it’s not to prove how great I am at writing. Because I’m not. And that will be evidenced by the following 6 to 8 sentences:

What are you doing tonight, Fayetteville?

If you want some QUEENSRYCHE in your life, head over to the AMP, tonight. Yes, that QUEENSRYCHE. Yes, that AMP.

If you wanna get all jazzy with your jazz self (if you have one), head over to Ella’s for Jazz on the Hill w/ Matt & Gus Smith. Of course, you could still head over there even if you don’t have a jazz self. Duh.

If a string band sounds more Wednesday night-ish to you, Shout Lu Lu is at Smiling Jack’s and they’re both stringy and bandy so that might be cool for you. How would I know?

Finally (sorta) if you’re a Beatles fan, RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles is at Walton Arts Center through Sunday. I went last night. I wrote about it here. Read it. Or don’t.

There’s more, though. Lookie:

Ella’s: Jazz on the Hill w/ Matt & Gus Smith
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Shout Lu Lu
Smoke & Barrel: Skinny Squinty Show w/ Blaine Mosely
US Pizza Co: Sarah Hughes
Walton Arts Center: RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles – 7PM