Local news: May 21-27

Dickson Street is safe
Just a few days after the local newspaper editors finally chimed in on the Dickson Street safety issue, one local group was already planning a Take Your Kids to Dickson event “designed to promote and enhance the family-friendly atmosphere of Downtown Fayetteville.” An excellent idea from some great people.

Social media passes
Some people think social media is just something that is new and “cool.” Fortunately, Fayetteville’s leaders aren’t among those. We live in a smart city, folks.

Coach is back
No, not the TV show. Coach Matthews. He’s back.

Two coupleses with similar nameses
Both these coupleses are celebrating a 50th anniversary and both their nameses end with ‘s’es. Congrats to The Davises and The Summerses!

Farmers’ Market Sundays
If you haven’t been to a farmers’ market yet this year, your possible excuses are getting slimmed to the max (min?). Between Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and now Sunday mornings, there are plenty of market ops, folks. Plenty.