Beloved Doctor Assassinated

Those familiar with Dr. George Tiller’s work as a late-term abortion provider may baulk at the title, but for women across the country, the Women’s Health Care Services clinic was one of three places in the United States that provided third-trimester abortions. To give some perspective, a woman in Fayetteville would have to drive almost five hours to reach the Wichita, KS clinic, and the only other options are Boulder, Colorado and Aurora, Illinois.

Tiller, who survived being shot in both arms in 1993, and a bomb attack on the clinic in 1985, was shot while attending church this past Sunday. A suspect was detained, but has not been charged. His survivors include his wife, four children, and ten grandchildren.

The website A Heartbreaking Choice features stories written by Tiller’s patients under “Kansas Stories”. The site lists the statistic that “80 and 95 percent of parents receiving a severe prenatal diagnosis choose to end the pregnancy”, but few resources exist to help them through it. Dr. Tiller’s clinic was one of those resources, and women and families already limited by money and geography can no longer count on Wichita, Kansas for help on that sad journey.

[Photo by Brenda Anderson via Flicker and Creative Commons 2.0]