Flyer Pics: Photographers needed!

In honor of a most musical weekend approaching, I thought I would try something new. You see, there’s just so much live music coming up. I wish I could cover it all, but I can’t. That’s where you come in. I know there are a lot of hobby photographers out there who can take great photos. I want your live music photos.

Over the next week, I’d like Flyer readers to photograph anything and everything related to live music. This includes: people playing live music, listening to live music, dancing to live music, road-tripping to hear live music, etc. I know many of y’all will be at Wakarusa, so anything there is fair game. For those of you staying in Fayetteville this weekend, you’ll have to cover the shows we’re missing.

Pick a small handfull of your favorite shots (5 or so), and submit them by Friday, June 12th at noon. We’ll pick our favorites and publish them to our site in a slideshow with the photographer names attached. We’re only interested in displaying photos from this week/weekend, so don’t bother sending us old ones. And do try to keep them family friendly.

You can submit photos in two ways:

E-mail: Send an e-mail with your image files attached to [email protected]. Please include your name, details of the show, location of the picture, and the date the picture was taken. If you have more than 3 images, you might want to split the files into two e-mails to make sure they go through smoothly.

Flickr: For those of you with flickr accounts, you can simply upload photos and tag them: flyerpics music. Please include include event details with the tagged photos such as band names, location, and date. On Friday, I’ll go through and pull out all the photos tagged as such and add them to the selection pool.

So, get out there and take some pictures. Remember, this is not a contest. It’s just a way to share cool images of people playing and enjoying live music in our region. If enough of you participate, we might try offering prizes for the next challenge.

If you’re not a photographer but you want a show photographed, leave a comment about the show and maybe someone will show up with a camera. Go nuts!

[Photo by M. Taylor Long]