To-do: Thursday 6/4

As I write this with my hands, I’m using my feet to finish packing my stuff for Wakarusa.

Although I am headed out there today, I don’t plan on camping just yet. In fact, my plan is to attempt a back-n-forth kinda thing where I try to simultaneously take in both Wakarusa and a great weekend in Fayetteville. Is it possible? We shall see.

If I do end up getting stuck out there, though, I’ve packed some essentials which should allow me the luxury of at least an air mattress under my back and a few bottles of water. There’s wi-fi for the media but it’s limited. I may end up dueling it out with some of the other folks on the press list. Wish me luck.

What’s happening tonight? Well, let’s see here.

Ah forget it. I’m late already. Just use this list we made:

Fayetteville Farmers’ Market: On the square (7am-2pm)
Fayetteville Public Library: KUAF/Fulbright Chamber Music Festival Concert – 7:30pm
George’s: Bear Colony, Chase Pagan, Randall Shreve
Jose’s: Big Bad Bubba
Mulberry Mountain (Ozark, AR): Wakarusa
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
Sang House: Crystal Antlers (house show)
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Rachel Fields
Smoke & Barrel: 1 oz. Jig
Speakeasy: DJ Peaches
Tangerine: Drag show
Teatro Scarpino: Jori Costello and The Big Bad Gina Band
Walton Arts Center: Art of Wine: The Winemaker’s Dinner – 6pm

As always, check out the events calendar for a look ahead.