Wakarusa recaps

Wakarusa is over. I am sunburned, fully-drained of energy and in complete awe of how many people flocked to Northwest Arkansas for the music and camping festival that just moved here this year.

I haven’t spoken to the folks in charge yet, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the newly-located Wakarusa was a success. The only complaints I heard from people were the need for a few more portable toilets and some more reliable wi-fi for the media. As for emergencies, apparently a guy broke his leg while hiking a nearby trail and a small child was lost for a couple of hours. Other than that, if there were any major incidents, I didn’t hear of them.

As for coverage of the event, the Nice-Friggin-Job award goes to Kevin Kinder at Tuned In. Kevin risked life and limb by not only camping directly next to a tent that featured live music until 6am, but also driving back and forth to Fayetteville on the Pig Trail multiple times to upload photos and do some great write-ups while the media room’s internet was down. Nice-Friggin-Job, Kevin.

Below are some recaps we’ve found around the internets. Below that is a slideshow of photos taken by M. Taylor Long. He’s got some more sets coming and those will soon be available at mtaylorlong.com.

Day 1
Wakarusa Recap: Day 1 (Kevin Kinder-Tuned In)
Wakarusa photos: Day 1 (Fayetteville Flyer)
Wakarusa fest opens ‘smooth’ (Evie Blad-ADG)

Day 2
Wakarusa Recap: Day 2 (Kevin Kinder-Tuned In)

Day 3
Wakarusa Recap: Day 3 (Kevin Kinder-Tuned In)
Wakarusa photos: Day 3 (Fayetteville Flyer)

Full Event
Wakarusa – by M Taylor Long (Fayetteville Flyer/M Taylor Long)
Fans favor non-headliners at festival (Michelle Parks-ADG)

Photos by M Taylor Long