Flyer Pics: Sunsets and Rainbows

It’s not all that often that I notice sunsets in Fayetteville. Sure, they happen every day, and sometimes on the drive home from work, or while I’m mowing the lawn I’ll look up and think, “Whoa. Cool.”

Most of the time, though, unless I’m on the beach, or looking out over some mountains somewhere on vacation, sunsets just kind of happen without much notice.

But last night, if you were lucky enough to be outside around 8:30 in or around Fayetteville, there is no possible way you could have missed what must have been one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon that has ever happened in this city.

The entire sky was bright red and orange after the thunderstorms that hit earlier in the night, and just as the sun was setting, an enormous rainbow appeared to compliment and enhance the already spectacular display.

It was incredible. Lots of you guys took some great pictures, but as nice as the pictures are, you really just had to see it to believe it. Below is a slideshow of a few of the pictures some of you took. Thanks for sharing them.

Photos by Will from Ants in my Trance, danasargent, kennytomlin, Wes Williamson, Chris Lankford, Leanne Baribeau, Tim Campbell, AmberHenderson, Tim Billings, Micah Laney, Alvin Polk, Jacey Dalton and Michael Davis