Fayetteville Forward Historic and Heritage Resources Group Meets Tonight

The Fayetteville Forward summit may have ended a few months ago, but the initiatives and action items identified at Fayetteville Forward and the groups formed to carry out these items are just getting started.

In fact, over the last few weeks several of the groups formed at the summit have begun work on their respective initiatives, and tonight, the Fayetteville Forward Historic and Heritage Resources Group will meet in the Anne Henry Boardroom of the Fayetteville Public library at 6:30 to discuss ways to preserve the historic places and heritage activities that tell the story of Fayetteville, as well as ways to preserve our cultural identity while fostering healthy growth for our city.

The Historic and Heritage Resources group is led by Fayetteville preservationist Paula Marinoni. All of the Fayetteville Forward action groups are open to the public, and can be found on the Fayetteville Forward website.

You can also track the progress of the city-led Fayetteville Forward action items here.

The meeting of the Historic and Heritage resources group got me thinking. What are some of the historic places in Fayetteville that need to be preserved? What are our traditions? What are some of the things that you’d consider Fayetteville heritage?