Fayetteville is getting a dog park

During the mayoral campaign last year, one of the goals of candidate Walt Eilers was for Fayetteville to have a dog park.

Currently, the city has only two leash-free dog areas – one at the Animal Services facility located at 1640 S. Armstrong, and one at Lake Wilson.

Eilers wasn’t successful in his bid to become mayor, but thanks to a donation from Fayetteville’s office of Proctor & Gamble, we’re getting a dog park anyway.

P&G donated $30,000 to the city of Fayetteville to be used to construct a dog park at Bryce Davis Park. The park will be about 3 acres, with a two-acre area for large breed dogs, and a one-acre area for smaller dogs. A pavilion for owners, as well as a dog wash area are also in the plans.

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation staff hope to build several more dog parks in Fayetteville. The new dog park at Bryce Davis park is scheduled to open sometime next April August.

Dogs rejoice.