Shortcuts: Tuesday 6/30

Shortcuts are hand-picked bits of news, commentary and info from around the city, the region and even from beyond the state line.

Here are today’s shortcuts. Check ’em out.


Town Hall Meeting tonight
Is there any chance you don’t know about this meeting tonight? Probably not. This is the third mention of it on the Flyer in as many days.

Ink By the Byte
The only thing more fun than reading local editorials is reading criticism of local editorials. Ozarks Unbound’s Christopher Spencer has a new column, Ink By the Byte, featuring commentary of NWA editorials from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas and the Northwest Arkansas Times.

Murder victim also shot by police
The local interwebs lit up over the weekend as every media outlet scrambled to try and be the first to Tweet about the tragic murder of Jill Ulmer. There’s more to the story, though. According to a press release issued by the FPD, Ms. Ulmer’s cause of death was due to not just multiple stab wounds but also a gunshot from a Fayetteville police officer.


Driving and texting soon to be illegal
Come October 1st, police will be able to pull you over for text messaging while driving in Arkansas. Of course, now that cell phones are used for much more than just texting, how in the world will officers know what you were doing?

Who’s weeding Rogers?
Roger from Welcome to Rogers Arkansas wonders why he’s being asked to pull the weeds for “millionaire landlords” in downtown Rogers instead of having the property owners pay for it.


Who’s next?
Celebrities are dropping like flies. The trio of A-listers wrapped up with MJ last week but the D-listers started shortly after. First, Billy “OxiClean” Mays was found dead and now impressionist Fred Travalena has passed. Comedian Michael Ian Black seems worried he’s next.

Welcome back, Steve
After a sixth month medical leave, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is back.

Photo by poka0059 via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0.