Starlight Skatium roller rink coming to Curry’s building

When I was a kid, the most popular destinations for birthday parties in Fayetteville were McDonalds on College Avenue (they had the most amazing play-land inside the building that was most recently a 24 Hour Fitness), and the Skate Place over off Poplar Street.

For a kid growing up in the 80’s/90’s, Saturday nights at the skating rink were like a right of passage. They would clear the floor for speed skating. Couple skating. Limbo. The dice game (remember the dice game?). Backwards skating.

I never did figure that one out.

But about four years ago, the Skate Place closed, and Fayetteville has been without a roller rink ever since.

In September though, Tiffany Caston and her husband William plan to change that.

“What you’ve heard is true. We’re renovating the Curry’s building in Fayetteville into a roller rink.” Tiffany told us. “Skating is a passion of mine, and I feel like Fayetteville needs to have a rink. We’ve been looking for a good place for a while.”

The building is nearly 17,000 square feet, and has a unique dome ceiling that eliminates the need for support columns.

“It’s very unique architecturally. We’ll be taking out the false ceilings that others have put in and highlighting the dome ceiling.”

The demolition process has already begun on the space, and the Caston’s plan to open the “Starlight Skatium” sometime in late September/early October.

And although Tiffany is a member of the NWA Rollergirls, the new rink won’t be an exclusive roller derby venue. The “Skatium” will specialize in birthday parties, and will have a state-of-the-art sound system for wedding receptions, school dances, and private parties.

“I’m just really excited. Things are moving fast, and it’s the support I’ve heard from the city and the community has been really encouraging.” Tiffany said.

“Skating was a big part of my childhood, and I’d hate for a whole generation of kids in Fayetteville to miss out on that.”

True ‘dat.