City adds online Cone Patrol feature and more

At last month’s Town Hall Meeting, a few new features to the City’s website were announced including The Cone Patrol, a list of street and lane closures, along with traffic delays resulting from various construction projects and events.

Details available are tentative work dates, projected completion dates, street locations, a description of what’s actually being done and contact information for those in charge of the specific projects.

So if you’re still not sure about what the heck’s going on over there on Township Street, you could check The Cone Patrol and discover that “Upgrades to the water system, replacement of deteriorated curbs, upgrade to the sidewalks and asphalt overlay of the street” are what’s behind all the traffic delays. You’d also notice that October 1st is the anticipated completion date.

Besides The Cone Patrol, there’s also a new directory that’s still in beta but is searchable by “People” or “Division” and even a new blog, Municipal Live Wire where a few employees are set to write about “the topics that interest both themselves and the public at large.” So far, it looks like John Coleman, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator, is the only one doing the blogging.

City Council member Matthew Petty, who is currently involved in a total overhaul of the City’s information management, including the website is pleased with the steps that have been taken so far. “I really like the new directory on the website, and the blog may prove useful if the administration uses it for the right purpose,” said Petty.

But just adding new features to the current system is far from enough for the self-described technology evangelist. “These new additions have me looking forward to an integrated system for the City’s information later. We could accomplish a lot more if our internal databases and document management was tied into our website,” added Petty.

The Cone Patrol is updated each Friday afternoon and as of today, 14 blog posts have been written in less than a month. Not too shabby.