Flyer Profile: David’s Pegasus

Of all the bands playing in Fayetteville right now, there isn’t one that I have more respect for than David’s Pegasus.

With some of the most creative and inspiring music ever to come from our city, complimented with vivid, image-rich vocals, as well as original animation inspired by early 80’s 8-bit video games playing on a television in the background, there isn’t a band in town with a better, more interesting live show.

David’s Pegasus truly don’t sound like any other band I’ve ever heard, thanks in large part to singer Barry Brinegar’s unique voice that is somehow sad, haunting, clear, confident and unsure all at once.

If you’ve seen David’s Pegasus, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. They’re awesome.

Luckily for me (and you), there’s plenty of David’s Pegasus tunes and videos on their Myspace page to give you an idea of what I’m trying to tell you. There’s also one of their new songs streaming below.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when the band was nice enough to answer some questions for us. Thanks dudes.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Stuart: We all listen to very different stuff, Barry listens to the streaming 8-bit music channel [] or classic country. I listen to a lot of early 80’s music or something experimental/annoying. Paul listens to a LOT of underground hip hop, Guided By Voices, or The Fall, he’s a big fan of African Music, and Bryan likes podcasts and audiobooks. He is the go to guy for that kind of stuff. I think he averages 3 to 5 books a week. And of course we all love KXUA.

FF: How long have you been playing together?
Stuart: David’s Pegasus has been around for going on 4 years now but the current line up is a little over a year old.

FF: We remember Barry from way back in the Clunk days when he was playing in a band called Moniker. What other bands have you guys been in around town?
David’s Pegasus: Stuart has played in TIMBER! for at least as long as DP’s been around, he also played drums for a few other bands in Little Rock. Paul was one of the three beards from Woolly Mammoth, and also in a band called Concrete Boy. He and Stuart were also playing together as He’s a Wizard when they joined DP. Barry was in a hard-rock band called the Secret Masons about 8 years ago.

Barry and Paul of David’s Pegasus

FF: Tell us a bit about the video game animation that you sometimes play on the TV at your live shows. Who does the animation? (It’s awesome)
Barry: Thanks, I do the animation with a Flash program. The project started out with our band playing along to episodes on TV’s and has gradually moved to a performance in which the animation is more of a light show projected onto the musicians. I expect it to come full circle someday.

FF: How much material do you guys have recorded, and where can we get our hands on some of it?
Barry: There’s 2007’s release available at Sound Warehouse, iTunes, and CDBaby. Our next release, “So This Is Olympus”, was distributed in demo form to about 20 people at this year’s Firefly Festival. You can expect to find the finished version of Olympus at Sound Warehouse as soon as we figure out the packaging.

FF: Where do you do your recording?
Barry: We recorded “Choose the Game” at DP’s practice studio in Durham, AR. The album was mixed and mastered in Fayetteville’s Listen Laboratories. These days we record at my studio off Dickson Street.

FF: Do people still have the attention span for full length albums these days?
Barry: I don’t know about other people, but I certainly don’t listen to full length albums very often. I imagine my listening habits may be different than people who don’t write/perform their own material. Olympus is just over eight minutes long (five tracks), and the singles we plan to release after Olympus will be more like three tracks each (the single, a b-side, and an alternate version).
Paul: I just got a triple album the other day, and I’ve been listening to that, Rated O by Oneida.
Stuart: I like full albums, but I also collect vinyl.

FF: Do you guys play out of town much?
Stuart: We are trying to expand where we play right now, we have a show in Hot Springs in August
Barry: Only regionally. We usually play locally about once a month and get out of town every three months or so.

FF: What are some other Fayetteville bands we should check out?
Stuart: Dustin Krien, he’s a genius
Paul: Color Club and Wolfenstien and lots of bands that we aren’t sure still exist, like Egyptr and Fire Don’t Care
Stuart: I think they have a show coming up
Paul: oh sweet!

FF: If you could reunite any Fayetteville band for one show, who would it be, and where would the show happen?
Stuart: SPOMSK (sp?) the Greek folk band that was around briefly in 2004 and played at the KXUA Halloween party at JR’s. I think it was made entirely of exchange students. I hope they all made it home alright.
Paul: Candle School, people that don’t remember how great it was probably wouldn’t like it.

FF: What’s next for you guys? Any cool projects, touring plans, or recording in the works?
Stuart: We are making a rock opera.
Barry: Hmmmm. It’s not a rock opera yet. I guess it could be. For the immediate future, look for the Olympus release and a subsequent string of singles for those short attention spans. I believe Stuart is alluding to DP’s theatrical debut, set for Spring 2010 in San Diego.
Stuart: I’m trying to record 100 songs in 100 days right now, but thats a TIMBER! thing

Click below to hear 2Nite’s the Night from the upcoming EP So This is Olympus by David’s Pegasus