To-do: Wednesday 7/29

Here we are at 2:25pm and we haven’t even put up a to-do list for tonight. What in the world are we thinking? I’ll tell you what we were thinking. Nothing.

A better question would be “What were we doing?” And that’s where things get weird. It’s fuzzy, really. Somewhere in between not dying from the fumes of the reptile droppings next door and writing this post, we found ourselves on Courtney Fortson‘s Twitter page. Which led to the realization that former Razorbacks Brandon Moore and Darren McFadden are also on Twitter. From there, we got an email explaining that the new Lucero album was up for pre-sale and that it would include a digital download of half the new album. After listening to that, we had to take Sadie for a walk. Then eat. Then write about the new Twitter Guide. Then post a story on the new NWA kickball league. Phew.

You probably don’t like excuses. But consider that last paragraph as something more than just excuses. Consider it six stories in one. Or six stories in none. Your choice.

Go party:

Ella’s: Jazz on the Hill
George’s: My Tea Kind
Gypsy on College: Fnomenon, Grotesk the Subhuman
Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Jovan Arellano
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Shout LuLu
Smoke & Barrel: Sugar Free Allstars
Teatro Scarpino: Kahula Gypsy Band
US Pizza Co: Bob Wist
Walton Arts Center: Sweet Can Circus: Open Circus Studio for Families – 6pm