Reggie Fish raps about the Hogs

In addition to catching touchdown passes for the Razorback football team, and being really good at hiding behind the offensive linemen for trick plays, and a demanding modeling career, Arkansas Wide Receiver Reggie Fish is also a pretty dang good rapper.

His new song, “I Ball” about the Arkansas football team just “dropped” yesterday on YouTube has already received over 300 views as of 4:15pm today.

It remains to be seen if “I Ball” will receive Steve Lee-type popularity, but it’s off to a pretty good start. Check out Reggie’s rhyming skills (and a pretty sweet Razorback highlight video) below.

Warning: It (along with the announcement that USC transfer running back Broderick Green will be eligible to play for the Hogs this year) might just get you pumped for football season. If you weren’t already.

UPDATE: The highlight video has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Collegiate Images, LLP.

UPDATE: Vimeo still has it. Thanks Hog Database.

rap from Hog Database on Vimeo.