Light rail in NWA in our lifetime?

A few months ago at the Fayetteville Forward Summit, one of the most talked about topics amonst the nearly 500 folks that gathered to discuss the future of our city was, “what are we going to do about public transit?”

Many felt that a light rail system running from Fayetteville all the way up to the NWA regional airport, supplemented by a regional bus system, is the best long-term solution to our transportation challenges as our area continues to grow.

Tonight, Steve Luoni, director of the University of Arkansas’s Community Design Center, will discuss that very subject at the Walker Community Room of the Fayetteville Public Library beginning at 6:30.

We were curious as to what some of you thought about the idea of a light rail system in Northwest Arkansas, so we ventured down to the Smoke and Barrel last night and asked the following question:

“Will we see light rail in Northwest Arkansas in our lifetime?”

(Asked at Smoke & Barrel Tavern on July 29, 2009)

“I doubt it. I mean, they would make various excuses, but no, I don’t see that happening.”


“I’m 25 right now, and I would say yes, because I plan on living at least another 50 years. It’s definitely going to happen in our lifetime.”


“Of course. It’s going to happen as soon as I move away.”


“I would like it to happen. If they can get it done, do it!”


“I honestly don’t know. I’ll know a lot more after the meeting Thursday night.”