Winners: Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival ticket giveaway

Props to the winners of our Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival Winners, Angie, Luke, and mjordan.

Angie was pumped about 3 Penny Acre, Corey Smith, & the Ben Miller Band, Luke wanted to see Big Smith, Mountain of Venus, My-Tea-Kind, Randy Crouch, 3 Penny Acre, and Cletus Got Shot, and mjordan just said, “{insert band name here} Live music just rocks no matter what.” Good answers. picked the winners.

We (I) did screw up the original contest when we (I) thought we had 6 pairs of tickets to give away, but in actuality, we had 6 tickets (3 pair). Our sincerest apologies on that, and if we were rich, we’d just buy three more pairs of tickets. We’re not, though. Sorry.

If you didn’t win, there’s still time to get tickets at the Mulberry Mountain Music site.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and thanks to the Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival for sponsoring this contest.