Bill Ramsey announces candidacy for Arkansas House

Former state rep. and retired Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce president Bill Ramsey officially announced on Saturday that he will seek the office of Arkansas House of Representatives in District 92.

If elected, Ramsey would succeed Lindsley Smith, who has reached the Arkansas House limit of three two-year terms as representative of the area that surrounds the university.

Bill Ramsey

After being introduced by Helena Gadison, owner of East Meets West Spa Salon in Fayetteville, Ramsey was quick to give credit to the incumbent Smith.

“I want to say personally, publicly that these are some big shoes to fill. Lindsley has done an outstanding job of representing our district in the state legislature.” Ramsey said.

Ramsey, who spent 18 years as Arkansas State Representative from 1973-1990, mentioned his experience as one of his strengths.

“Most of my adult life has been spent in Little Rock, and I think the importance of that is seniority, experience, and what it takes to get the job done.” Ramsey said.

He stated that academic partnering, Fayetteville’s creative economy, sustainable economic development, and infrastructure improvements as some of the things he plans to focus on in his campaign.

Ramsey’s opponent in the Democratic primary, Greg Leding, announced his candidacy back in June.

The Democratic primary for the House seat that will be vacated by Smith will take place in May of next year.

Disclosure: Our parent company, Wonderstate Media, occasionally performs graphic and web design for the Ramsey campaign. Greg Leding, another candidate in this race, is an occasional contributor to this website. Read our full disclosure policy here.