Take Your Dogs to Dickson scheduled for August 15th

Back in June, a group of locals organized Take Your Kids to Dickson in response to some talk that our downtown entertainment district was “unsafe.”

In a couple weeks, the same group, in conjunction with the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau is organizing a different kind of party on Dickson St.

It’s a Dog Party!

The event begins at 1:00 on Saturday, August 15th, and Dog Party USA will be on hand wrangling pups and providing fun activities including an obstacle course and a swimming area. Local businesses will provide treats and water bowls for the dogs, and dogs will be sniffing butts, wagging tails, licking strangers, and being awesome in general.

The idea is to get some people down to the Dickson St. area during the daytime so they can see how badicool it is.

For now, there is some information on the Take Your Kids to Dickson site, and we’ll keep you posted as more events and activities are scheduled.

In the meantime, you should take your dog for a walk. Or, give that dude some more water. It’s hot outside. Also, he kinda needs a bath.

Take Your Dogs to Dickson

When: Saturday, August 15th, 1:00 pm
Where: Dickson St
Cost: Free
Website: Take Your Kids to Dickson