Will you play the Arkansas lottery?

Back before last year’s elections, the state lottery was a hot topic.

Then in November, Arkansas voted in favor of the lottery bill, and in the Spring of this year, the Arkansas lottery had cleared the legislative hurdles it needed to clear, and is on track to set a record turn time from voting to implementation when it goes into effect on September 28th.

All the lottery talk had died down a bit until last month when Arkansas State Senator Sue Madison drafted a bill intending to squash the state lottery before it begins.

Now that the discussion is back on the table, we decided to venture down to Wilson Park to see how some Fayetteville residents feel about the Arkansas lottery now.

“Will you play the Arkansas State Lottery?”

(Asked at Wilson Park on August 12th, 2009)

“Can’t because I’m not 21, but if I could I would because it goes to our education.”


“Probably not, because I’m really lazy and it takes a lot of effort.”


“I’ll play, and we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see if they use the money for what they say they are going to use it for.”


“I don’t think I will. I never have in any other state I’ve lived in, and I don’t think I will here either.”


“I would if I was old enough, because it helps support the community.”