Don’t forget to register to vote

In case you’ve a) been living under a rock b) don’t care, you might not realize/remember that there is a monumental election coming up next month.

On September 15, Fayetteville voters will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST a millage increase to build a new, 21st Century Fayetteville High School.

Those in support say that a FOR vote means not only a vote in favor of an up-to-date educational facility for children and teachers to thrive, but also a show of support for building a solid foundation for Fayetteville’s economic future to attract new businesses and good-paying jobs.

Those against the millage increase are either upset about the location of the school, think the price tag is too high, would prefer a second school be built or feel they’ve been Taxed Enough Already.

Whatever side you’re on, today is your last chance to get registered to voice your opinion. If you’ve voted locally in either of the last two major elections, you’re in good shape and don’t need to register. If not, or if you’re even the slightest bit unsure, just call the Washington County Clerk‘s office at 479-444-1711.